About En Taro Adun: How We Roll


Our Goal

En Taro Adun is an adult casual Horde guild based on the Garrosh server (PvE, EST). The guild’s purpose is to facilitate an environment in World of Warcraft where adults can enjoy their leisure time–either it be solo or within a group running instances, heroic, or battleground. Play the game as you want while getting plenty of sleep.

Socialization and Population

Some of us have met in real life, had wonderful conversations, call each other by our first names, and some of us are friends in Facebook. Getting to know each other is an integral part of the guild and its culture. To maintain this brotherly (and sisterly) love we keep out guild size tight and cozy.


We used to be a team-driven ten man raid progression guild powered by focus, dedication, passion, coupled with bad bathroom humor. The core members has been playing and laughing since the Burning Crusade. As seasons passed the guild’s focus changed from raiding to a more casual play style.

When we started this band, all we needed, needed was a laugh. Years gone by I’d say we’ve kicked some ass. Mötley Crüe