FAQ: In case you were wondering…


How is your raiding schedule?

Please read our raiding page.

When is the guild mostly active?

Garrosh is a U.S. EST (GMT-5) PvE server. Our peek hours are from 5 P.M. to 1 A.M. EST. On the weekend it’s anyone’s guess.

What is the average age in the guild?

Please visit our statistic page to learn more. Generally, it is around mid-Thirties. Over the years we have noticed we bond best with older adults who enjoy World of Warcraft in their spare time.

What the does En Taro Adun mean? Is it French?

En Taro Adun is a StrarCraft reference for “In honor of Adun” in the Protoss language. Adun was a templar that saved the dark templars from the conclave. Read more about Adun on StarCraft Wiki.
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