Getaway with Var: LoL Skull

Getaway with Var: LoL Skull

While I was traveling this year I stumbled upon this joint called Vortex in Midtown Atlanta–an artsy district. The neighborhood is filled with boutique stores, vibrant colors, pleasant people, and overall good vibe. Vortex has amazing burger, whiskey, and stunning interior decor. It is worth the stop.

However this post is about an in-game event. 🙂 I want to rekindle guild groupie events such as rep grind, achievement run, old-skool raid et cetera. Yes, it is possible to do it solo, but everything is fun with more people.


Laughing Skull Reputation.

When and Where

May 10th Sunday, 9 PM EST. Anywhere

How Do I Join?

Whisper me or Gchat anyone.


Level 100


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