Karazhan @ 3/9 9:15pm EST

Karazhan @ 3/9 9:15pm EST

This by far is one of my favorite raid. The environment, the art work, and the various boss mechanics to say the least. I have so many good memories in Karazhan, it always puts a smile on my face. Lets have Fun Storming the Castle.


Hosted by Darken
Time Invite will go out at 9:15pm and will start at 9:30 promptly. Be respectful to others and please be on-time and ready.
Loot Need over greed. If you want a gear for transmorg just need it.
Requirement Level 75+.
Available Seating 10 people raid. Sign up via in-game calendar.

Shiny Things

Faction The Violet Eye reputation
Mount Fiery Warhorse’s Reins (very low drop rate)
Loot Table Full list

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