Run THE MC–Old Skool Rock

Run THE MC–Old Skool Rock

When I stepped into 40 main raid Molten Core for the first time–back in Vanilla–I was blown away by its grandeur, atmosphere, and the sheer gravity. Forty people gathered around to accomplish a single goal; it was mighty. Now we get to experience it all over again for a limited time.

On December 1st (Monday) En Taro Adun will be hosting a MC run in conjunction with World of Warcraft’s 10th Anniversary. Before we get going there are two prerequisites.

• Level 100
• Item Level 615+

“Who pulled the Surger with the Core Hounds?”

tumblr_n8os6fFee01rt6g1oo1_500 We’ll be all cuing up for Looking for Raid (LFR) and get everyone their Core Hound Mount and their achievement. After the run we’ll do a group screenie.

“Oh hell yeah that’s me, where do I sign up?”

Sign up via in-game calendar.



8:45pm (20:45): invite goes out
8:55pm (20:55): Cue

Ragnorus be illin’ and down the the King. It’s tricky, but it’s like that. We’re tougher than leather.


We all got our mount, head piece, some pets, and fun!


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