So sorry, we’re full

So sorry, we’re full

Thank you everyone for all your interests and emails to our LFM ad. We’ve had great growth for the past view weeks. However to keep the guild personable with genuine interaction among us we have to maintain a certain size. The current size is just right like Golidlock–not too big not too small.

At this point En Taro Adun’s recruits for new DPS class is closed. We have two (2) spots for someone who enjoys Tanking/DPS and healing/DPS that has item level of 372+ or someone who’s working towards that goal within reasonable time frame.

Too much growth too fast has rarely yielded heathy results that has a longevity. For us we’re now reaching the cultivate and maintain phase. Time to get to know each other as a person, group together for runs, and enjoy the game together.

Once again thank for all your interest.



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