Things to do before WoD: Lorewalker

Things to do before WoD: Lorewalker

It’s exciting times these days because we’re getting close to the release of the next expansion Warlords of Draenor. As means of preparation of the expansion I’ve been finishing up some old reputation and quests to have everything cleared up. One of them is Lorewalker. Cava shared with me how easy it was to get it so I looked it up, and my god it is easy.

Here are two things you’ll want

Download these two things to have to get this done in a timely fashion–they are not .exe virus files. The text files just have basic coordinates to each site.

Download the addon TomTom
Download this text file lorewalker.txt

Lets Roll

Activate the plugin, simply copy paste each line in-game (/way Jade Forest 26.42 28.36) and follow the arrow, liking making a cup of tea–easy.

At the end you’ll be exalted with LoreWalker and get a mount. Hope to see everyone with their Disc of the Red Flying Cloud mount.

Selfies with Your Mount

If you get this done–or have it done–upload a screenie of your disc mount and lets see it.

Thanks Cava for the 411!

Extra Links

Lorewalkers easy exalted guide by
Guide to Lorewalkers by


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