Raiding: Lets Do This

Our Focus

En Taro Adun is focused on providing a casual raid experience. We will be focused on content in the Normal and Heroic modes as the raid sizes are flexible and will allow all our members to attend (or leave the raid if the need arises).

Mythic Raiding

We will not be looking to run any Mythic content as the attendance and roster numbers are very strict. This is not something we believe provides for a casual raid experience. However, if everyone is up for it we could slap some bosses around.

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Raiding, Punctuality, and Etiquette

Punctuality: Time is Money Friend

Be On Time

We are dead serious about getting good sleep. Therefore, we start our raid sharply on time and end promptly on the dot. Below is our time table.

  • 8:45 P.M. (20:45): Invite goes out along with summons.
  • 8:55 P.M. (20:55): Everyone is in the instance, repaired, and on Mumble.
  • 9:00 P.M. (21:00): First pull*.
  • 11:45 P.M. (23:45): Raid Ends**.

If You’re Running Late…

We sincerely understand sometimes things happen and a lot of variables are not in our control in our daily life. If you cannot be on time please let someone in the guild know ahead of time or park your character at the entrance of the raid before hand. Raid events are created at least one (1) week in advance.

Once the first pull is commenced we do not pause the rest of the group to summon. It is up to the individual to get to the raid. We all must take responsibility for our action.

*: If we have 100% good-to-go, then we’ll before 9:00 P.M. (21:00).
**: On the weekend and holidays the end time will vary, but we will take a vote.

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Raiding, Punctuality, and Etiquette

Etiquette: Be Sincere, Be Brief, Be Seated


While Raiding

Once the first pull is commence we kindly ask all participating members to focus on their role and let the Raid Leader take helm in our Mumble server. Our goal is to have chatter to be a minimum. Our raid time is very limited and we try to make it as efficient and smooth as possible. If you have any thoughts or opinions please whisper it in-game to the Raid Leader. We do our best to accommodate everyone. It is crucial to distinguish between fun happy gitty time versus drop the hammer focus time.


Please have all your gears enchanted, gemmed, and fully locked and loaded (flask and food) before we commence our first pull. Everyone’s participation and contribution is vital to the success of the raid.

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Raiding, Punctuality, and Etiquette

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