Statistic: Role Break Down

These numbers are based on a maximum of 25 individual guild members. This will ensure every member who is online will be able to raid. The roles listed are for your primary spec. All members are assumed to have a secondary spec to fill another role unless you are a Hunter, Mage, Rogue or Warlock.

The 25 member limit is based off of (4) Tanks, (7) Healers and (14) DPS split evenly between ranged and melee.

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Main Tank
Paladin: Cavalina
Warrior: Myandreth

Death Knight: Gore




Druid: Dasir, Nokomis
Paladin: Gylathriael
Priest: Silisa, Smokedeath
Shaman: Malikcarr, Varzeus, Dealwidget


DPS: Melee


Death Knight: Gobzilla
Druid: Earthly
Monk: Woogum
Rogue: Sachiela
Warrior: Toups, Riesen


DPS: Range


Mage: Ravensour
Priest: Sisyphos
Hunter: Greezgak, Jigselven, Xocolet,WolfSkar
Warlock: Sharmiin

Class Break Down

These are represents the only Main character who will be raiding. Learn more about the people and our guild rank system.

  • Death Knight (2/2) 100%
  • Druid (3/3) 100%
  • Hunter (4/2) 100%
  • Shaman (3/3) 100%
  • Warrior (3/2) 100%
  • Paladin (2/2) 100%
  • Priest (2/3) 66%
  • Mage (1/2) 50%
  • Monk (1/2) 50%
  • Rogue (1/2) 50%
  • Warlock (1/2) 50%

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