Guild Structure and Ranks: Mi Guild Es Su Guild



We designed our guild to be transparent, lean, and rewarding. We based our model on horizontal organization treating players as an adults with mutual respect and trust. To us the guild is our home and everyone is invited to dinner.


We have four (4) ranks in the guild. Main-Squeeze, Alt-Tab, New-Kid, and AFK. Within the horizonatal organizational format we focus primarly on the main. This keeps the raid team strong and consistant.



Your Main Character. This is the character we will be raiding with together as your primary focus.


All your alts and beyond. Have as much as you want.


The new gal or guy in the guild. After a few weeks if all goes well this person will be promoted to Main Squeeze.


A friend who’s taking a break from the game for an extensive period of time.
We built this city, We built this city on rock an’ roll. Starship